Stay tuned for more details, locations, and dates.

Tentative Syllabus

  • Coding for the web: what makes it special, what makes it tricky, remote collaboration
  • Tools: editing, storage, hosting
    • local text editing tools
    • service side skills: simple remote login, simple log files, file privileges
    • text editing server files, secure shell
  • Managing source code: checkout, modifying, reviewing, testing, committing
    • quick intro to GitHub
  • Let’s code, very simple hello world
    • simple web server, remote terminal,
    • establish your testing environment
    • simple hello web code script
    • checking/fixing server side errors, debug output / message logs
    • checking/fixing client side errors, debug output / Firebug
  • Let’s code, introduction to simple multi-user web game
    • checkout and test game code code, readme
    • enable local login, test
    • adjust game settings, test
    • develop new default game map
  • Let’s code, allow other applications to work with your code
    • modify code to allow shared login, test
    • register your web site with external service (requires service portal)
    • modify game map to link to other game sites, test (requires door feature)
  • Let’s code, Advanced
    • advanced – enable local chat
    • advanced – enable global chat
  • Working with others: merging source code, Advanced
    • advanced – merging code
  • Additional Information
    • advanced – Linux/
    • advanced – WebGL, advanced graphics


  • laptop with WiFi
  • basic understanding of how to use web browser, email, how to login to various web services (e.g. Facebook, Google) if needed
  • secure shell tools installed (e.g. ssh, putty), or ability to install before class


  • familiar with using text editors suitable for editing code (e.g. Text Wrangler, Notepad++)


  • Microsoft Remote Desktop client


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